Sponsor The Event?

Become a Nifty Pride Sponsor and get an extra NFT swag-bag, shout-outs, and a healthy dose of gratitude!

Aside from aiming to provide top-notch entertainment, we are going to give away a fairly large number of NFT's, and gas fees have been quite unforgiving lately.

One potential remedy that was suggested was to mint 'Supporter' tickets. Sales revenue from these tickets will be given to people creating NFT's for the event; to cover their gas and transfer fees.

Any remaining funds from supporter tickets, or from donations, will be used in an attempt to obtain our own parcel (we're building on a loaned space).

The hope is that this annual event may have a permanent home, at which we can display a LGBTQ+ creator gallery and host other events during the rest of the year!

We'll also be offering (VERY) Limited edition merchandise; with plans for some of the best NFT related swag on the market, all of which will be community designed and used to help fund future events and curation.

Official Nifty Pride Merch (Be sure to check for updates!)

Limited Edition (20 Total) Ticket NFT's

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